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Updated 5 February 2018

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TBM Cabinet and Furniture Building Ministry Announcements and Future Projects

TBM Furniture Builders have no future scheduled projects at this time. We are currently looking for any way we can be of help to any Baptist Church, Baptist Camp or other like-minded humanitarian organization. Our Furniture Builder co-ordinator, Harold Cheatheam, has retired for family medical problems and our group has been combined with the TBM Cabinet Builders under the very capable leadership of Ralph Stephenson, the co-ordinator of that group. Ralph's contact number is below. Contact one of the leaders listed below if you are interested in working with us in the future. If you know of anything of interest to our Cabinet and Furniture Building Ministry, call our co-ordinator, Ralph Stephenson, or our furniture shop leader, Eugene Esters, at the telephone numbers listed below.

If you have contacts at any of our Baptist Camps, Baptist Churches, Christian or other humanitarian organizations that we could assist in any way, have them contact us so we might be able to help them in these tough economic times. If you have any ideas for future work for our Cabinet and Furniture Building Ministry, have them contact me, Ralph Stephenson or Eugene Esters at the numbers listed below. Also, keep up your volunteer work in other areas until something else comes along.

Feel free to contact us about joining our work for a day, week or month on any of our future projects with the Texas Baptist Men Retiree Builders Ministries. Select "Contact" on the main menu on the left to contact us directly or the "TBM" link on the "Links" page of the main menu for information on this or any of the other TBM Ministries throughout the world. The TBM Newsletter can also be accessed through the "TBM" link on the left of this web page.

Contact our co-ordinator/leader, Ralph Stephenson, at (C) 1-210-846-1715 or our furniture shop leader, Eugene Esters, at (C) 817-239-2963 if you're interested in working with us any time, any place, any where or if you have ideas for future projects for our building ministry. SYDTR.