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Pineywoods Set 28

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Welcome to Pineywoods Baptist Encampment near Groveton, Tx. The camp office at Pineywoods.
Jim Strong works on one of the dining room tables we made for Pineywoods. It was good to have Jack Tennison back working with us.
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Freda Berry and Rita Frantzen are going strong on the staining. Jerry Southerland installs the skirt on one of the dining room tables.
Gayle Berry puts the finishing touches on one of the tables. Rex Taylor fills a crack in a table top.
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Four mahogany end tables Stained desk ready for the paint shop.
We almost cried when they branded the tables with the Pineywoods logo. A finished hutch for a desk.
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A finished four drawer file cabinet. The back sides of two queen sized headboards.
We built two pulpits on this job. These are the tops for the pulpits.
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Two small finished tables. Some of the office furniture being installed in a Pineywoods office.
Office furniture we built on an earlier project at Pineywoods. Some of the local wild life.  Christine Williamson and Elaine Strong kept us entertained with their peacock calls.
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The nearby Friday Baptist Church provided us a wonderful Sunday dinner. It may be part of the camp sewage treatment center, but it was a pretty view.
Sunrise at Pineywoods and time to start another day. The close of another day spent with wonderful friends doing what God has called us to do.
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