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Chaparral Set 29

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This is the headquarters area for Chaparral Baptist Encampment at Iowa Park (Wichita Falls), Texas. Our RV's are set up as our home away from home for two months (March - April 2007).
The sun rises on our little community. Our work day starts with a morning devotion period.
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Our shop was set up in a large building about five miles from the camp. Glen Smith is doing his specialty; making drawer boxes.
Scott Butler is putting together one of several desks we made. Larry Frantzen is assembling part of a chair.
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Richard Brewer is putting banding on a desk top. Jack Tennison, our former leader, is assembling a chair.
Gayle Berry is making smooth boards out of rough boards to use in making almost 200 items we produced here at Chaparral. Eugene Esters is assembling one of many frames to use in the shelf and counter assemblies.
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Barbara Cheatheam stains one of the desks for the camp. Our TBM Furniture Ministry Leader, is drilling holes in a bed side rail.
Freda Berry is using the chop saw to make little boards from big boards.  One of our tasks is to be able to make a person (including our wives) immediately productive. One of the most important periods of the day; break time.
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Table pedestals and tops along with other parts awaiting final assembly. Finished file cabinets.
An office counter and desk setup for Chaparral. Finished night stands awaiting painting.
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This is a very tall pulpit for a very tall man.  6 foot, six inch tall Wayne Chitwood allowed us to set up our shop in his shop and garage so we built a special pulpit for him to use in his church work. More office furniture awaiting final installation.
Bunk bed headboards. Finished cargo chairs in the paint shop.
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A completed tabletop ready for painting. A TBM Furniture Ministry family portrait.
Our leader, Melvin Williamson, presenting one of our small wooden crosses to Joe Ragan, a former IMB Missionary on the staff here at Chaparral, as he is preparing to return to the mission field. Christine Williamson and Freda Berry holding baby goatees at the Chaparral Baptist goat farm.
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Chaparral is a beautiful place to go for spiritual refreshment. A few of the folks gather 'round for an evening talk session.
Another day ends at Chaparral for the TBM Furniture Ministry.
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