TBM - 2007

Jacksonville College Set 31

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Entry to Jacksonville College, a Baptist junior college. Jacksonville College administration building.
The TBM Furniture Ministry begins each work day with a devotional and prayer time. A view of the shop area in the Student Union Building.
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The wood as it comes in the door to the shop. Some of the finished product (chest-of-drawers) in the paint shop.
A finished student desk. A hutch to be installed on a desk.
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A completed chest-of-drawers. Rexs Taylor working on a chest-of drawers frame.
B.B. Stanfields sanding parts, an important task in furniture building. Melvin Warren sanding a side for a hutch.
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Ed Kirkham installing drawer slides in a freshly painted chest-of-drawers. Dwight Grantham cleans up a drawer front for painting.
Scott Butler assembles a desktop hutch. Melvin Williamson also got to install drawer slides in a completed unit.
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Eugene Esters trims a desk top prior to insstallation. Bill Pigott visited our shop and was promptly put to work assembling a quantity of headboards for beds.
A guy's gotta have a little fun once in a while.  Here, Gayle Berry is taking a self protrait in the shop door. Sue Taylor is sewing up an apron for a kitchen worker.
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Doris Butler is laying out some quilting material. Several of the wives are discussing highly technical matters that are not of interest to the men as they sew.
Our RV's parked in a Jacksonville College parking area. We had the privilege of helping Melvin Warren along with his wfe, Mabel, celebrate his 86th birthday.
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The Grantham's and Berry's sitting around a table during our 4th of July indoor picnic. Most of the Jacksonville College Project Furniture Ministry crew.
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