TBM - 2007

Glorieta Set 32

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The end of August found us arriving at Glorieta Baptist Conference Center. Our first morning there started with some of God's handwork.
Bob Baugh punches one of many square holes. Richard Brewer and Smitty Qualls standing by one of many headboards they assembled.
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Paul Temple installs a cleat on a headboard piece. Our elder statesman, Melvin Warren, is cutting cleats to the finished length.
All of our wood has to be planned to thickness.  Jack Tennison, our former leader, is making thin boards out of thick ones. Before installation, the cleats must be pre-drilled.  Christine Williamson had that task this day.
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Scott Butler and Richard Brewer discuss ways to assemble headboards. Gayle Berry has his usual job of making narrow boards out of wide ones.
Eugene Esters discusses final cleanup work on a finished headboard with Bill and Helen Bauerle. Melvin Williamson, our leader, is cutting tenons on the ends of headboard pieces.
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Rex Taylor and Coy Hearin are putting the finishing touches on one of our most important products, a childs rocking chair. Coy Hearin task this day was to drill precision holes in the ends of bunk bed side rails.
An important part of every day is our break time.  Our wives took excellent care of us. Bobbie Archer was hard at work doing finish sanding on this side rail.
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We are very fortunate to have Eugene Esters working with us.  Here, he is putting together a set of drawings for us to work with. Mable Warren, Dot Hearin and Sue Brewer look over new patterns for nursing home patients.
Betty Keng works at the cutting table. Nancy Esters works on one of the aprons we made for the Glorieta Dining Hall.
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Kathy Qualls concentrates on threading her serger while Wanda Archer works on curtains for Glorieta. Sometimes a project turns out to be a lot more work than we expected!
This represents a lot of loving work for the children of Mexico. Doris Butler and Connie Perkins discuss what to do next.
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Mable Warren makes terry cloth bibs for a nursing home. There's always at least one time of hot dogs and fellowship per trip.
Some free time on the weekends gives Freda and Gayle Berry (along with Sonny) time to see the country. A tranquil evening view of the Prayer Tower closes out this wonderful time at Glorieta.
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