TBM - 2008

Highland Lakes Set 33

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The first of April found us rolling in the gate of Highland Lakes a short distance west of Austin, Texas. Sunrise over Lake Travis and the camp.
Our work day always begins with a devotion and prayer time; this day led by Lee Harrison. Melvin Williamson and Smitty Qualls assemble a file cabinet.
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Our hardworking elder statesman, Melvin Warren, cleaning up a dust cover for a desk. Larry Day and Lee Harrison putting the final touches on a file drawer assembly.
Earl Tucker sands a cabinet. Larry Day and Lee Harrison checking out a storage cabinet.
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Eugene Esters checks a table for correct drawer size. Lynn Turner is making a thin board out of a thick board with the planer.
Jim Strong dusts a drawer front prior to painting it in our elaborate paint shop. A pair of upright storage shelves.
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A conference table pedestal with the table top (setting on a file cabinet). One of several chest of drawers we built for motel units at Highland Lakes.
Another view of the file cabinet/storage unit. Part of a corner desk unit (with the top not yet installed).
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Reception counter and hutch unit. Three pulpits that we were assured would be put to very active use.
A few of our people and their pets sitting around relaxing after a hard days work. And God's beautiful sun sets over another completed project.
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