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Pineywoods Set 34

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Another year is ending fast and we're back at the beautiful Pineywoods Baptist Camp. We were greeted on arrival by this friendly peacock among many others.
Hurricane Ike gave us an unpleasant greeting shortly after we arrived.  It was interesting watching the trees bend in the high winds. Pineywoods also turned out to be a staging area for Entergy, the area power company.  As you can see, they were getting ready to move out as soon as the winds subsided.
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The camp did receive some light damage with our TBM women's sewing room getting the worst of it. Unfortunately, Jim Strongs fifth wheel took the brunt of this tree.
But we did finally get back to our task of building furniture for the camp after loosing about a week because of Ike's visit.  Each morning starts with a devotional time. Eugene Esters and the two camp leaders, Eric Small and Will Fisher, talk over a mahogany table we were putting together.
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Bill Bauerle and Loyd Ervin assemble a night stand for a new motel room. Eugene Esters and Ken Beazley glue up a mahogany table top.
We enjoyed having Jack Tennison, our former leader, work with us for a time.  He is drilling square holes for tenons in the side pieces for the night stands. Melvin Warren was assembling coat racks for the motel rooms.
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Gayle Berry was cutting legs for the night stands. Scott Butler sands a table top.
Eugene Esters drills mounting holes in 'donuts' for the coat racks. Ken Beazley is making short boards out of long boards.
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Melvin Williamson, the Furniture Builder Coordinator, is working on the first of 10 round tables we made. Jim Strong, our outstanding painter, is getting a bench ready for painting.
Loyd Ervin is sanding a bunk bed side rail in the paint shop. and now we see Loyd Ervin, the preacher, leading us in a Sunday evening worship service.
We have regular Wednesday and Sunday evening worship services each week. Melvin Williamson, our leader, updating us on the next weeks happenings.
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