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Falls Creek Set 35

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The first of March found us at Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center near Davis, Oklahoma for a two month project. God allows us to see a little of His beauty this early morning.
God was so gracious to give His Son on a cross for us. B. B. McKinney, the renowned Christian musician, lived much of his life here at Falls Creek.
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Could Sue Brewer possible be working on yet more curtains?  You bet! Nancy Esters works on curtains for Falls Creek.
Genelle Carpenter got lots of practice ironing curtains for Falls Creek.  She made a lot too. Mable Warren is working on another one of her darling dresses.
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What do you know?  Freda Berry can sew after all! Who knew? Barbara Cheatheam can testify to the quantity of curtains we made.
Loyd Ervin is trimming some pieces on the bandsaw. Melvin Warren, our hard working elder statesman, is sanding the trim on a removeable shelf.
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Eugene Esters, our technical co-leader, discusses with Gayle Berry what we're doing next. Melvin Williamson, our leader, checks the length of some face frame pieces.
Gayle Berry, on a very cold morning, cutting some dust cover material. Scott Butler is doing finish work on a cabinet by installing the doors.
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Richard Brewer, our resident surgeon, is removing a splinter from Charles Oates finger. Hope Charles still has the finger when Richard is finished. Roy Carpenter and Charles Oates are assembling a file cabinet.
Jack Tennison is finish sanding one half of a conference table. The conference table was dedicated to the memory of Ed Kirkham, one of our core group, who died of pancreatic cancer earlier this year.
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Several people wrote short notes about their rememberances of Ed Kirkham after the dedication prayer. Both sections of the completed conference table set up in their conference room.
Jim Strong and Buddy Nafe sand some pieces in prepation for another coat of paint. Freda Berry stands in the entrance gate to the original prayer garden on the hill overlooking the main camp.
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The Reverend Loyd Ervin has put on another of his many hats and leads in our Wednesday night bible study. A group photo of most of the people that worked at Falls Creek during this period.
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