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Glorieta Set 36

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Glorieta Lifeway Conference Center reception area The United States, New Mexico and Christian flags proudly wave at the front gate
A beautiful part of God's promise to us Each work day starts with a devotional and prayer time
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Melvin Williamson, our former leader, gives us some pertinent information Loyd Ervin leads us in a Wednesday evening bible study
Jane Baugh is hard at work making children's clothes Delores Turner is enjoying sewing and chatting
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Dorothy Hearin checks the dress she is making Christine Williamson and Nancy Esters discuss what to do with some material
Rita Frantzen enjoys making t-shirts Kathy Qualls gets set for another day making clothes
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It was really good to see Ruth Reilly working with us on this job Sus Brewer is our master teacher.  Thanks, Sue from all of us
Nancy Esters tries on Dorothy Hearin's little dress Nancy Esters and Kathy Qualls work on cutting out a pattern
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Christine Williamson checks that the iron is hot A few of the clothes made for an orphanage in Mexico
Carolyn Adcock crochets beautiful hand towels Doris Butler and Kathryn Tennison choose a pattern for a new project
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Freda Berry wonders 'What did I do wrong this time?' Carol Temple checks out her project
Out trusty tool trailer on a beautiful New Mexico day Melvin Warren and Richard Brewer, our two elder statesmen
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Melvin Warren, Richard Brewer and Eugene Esters are making a big board out of small boards Melvin Warren, Harold Cheatheam and Richard Brewer gluing up a table top
Loyd Ervin bevels the edges of the crosses we use in assembling the bed safety rails Coy Hearin tries out one of our new speaker's stands
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Richard Adcock planed a big stack of boards this day Eugene Esters routes the ends of a bunch of door pieces
Jack Tennison, our original leader, helped us build a big two piece conference table Richard Brewer is putting the finishing touches on a bunk bed headboard
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Smilin' Bob Baugh is always ready to lend a helping hand Buddy Nafe, our new leader, is getting ready to paint a speaker's stand
Larry Frantzen is doing a final wipedown of a bunk bed headboard prior to its being painted Smitty Qualls was a very willing worker in our regular sanding parties
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Melvin Williamson is drilling pocket holes in face frame pieces Paul Temple is final sanding a bunk bed head board
Melvin Warren is doing an excellent job sanding the edges of cabinet doors Larry Frantzen gets ready to check the thickness of the board that Richard Brewer is holding
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Richard Adcock and Lynn Turner assemble a cabinet Jack Tennison is sanding a conference table support
Scott Butler helps in the assembly of a very large cabinet Melvin Warren is final sanding a large cabinet
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Richard Adcock is cleaning up a board with the judicious use of putty and sandpaper A desk/cabinet assembly built for the new conference center volunteer office
Buddy Nafe is doing a last and final check of a new table before delivery A cabinet assembly built for the volunteer office
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A work center for the kitchen in the volunteer office One of four speaker's stands
A stack of bunk bed head boards One piece of a two piece 5' by 16' conference table
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A nine drawer desk/work area built for the conference center volunteer office Leo Smith, Executive Director of TBM, shares a meal with several of our folks while on a trip to a conference at Glorieta
God shared His wonderous beauty with us at Glorieta And what a beautiful sunset God created for us
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Another wonderous sunrise over Holcomb Auditorium Holcomb Auditorium tower across the lake
Of course, we have to have some recreation including this picnic around a campfire in the RV campground Nancy and Eugene Esters celebrated their wedding anniversary with us at Glorieta
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Coy and Dorothy Hearin also celebrated their wedding anniversary while at Glorieta And we finish this presentation with a group picture of many of the folks that volunteered their time to work with us during this time at Glorieta
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