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Latham Springs Set 37

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February 1st was the starting day for us at Latham Springs Baptist Encampment near Waco, Texas We had a beautiful first morning at the camp
Of course, we had to have a little rain with the beauty that God gives us And a little snow covers up a lot of mud
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Each working day starts with a short devotion and prayer time Charlie Morris, our best Arkansas worker, routes a board
Roy Carpenter sands one of many bunk bed cleats Bob Baugh readies a safety rail for painting
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Jim Strong gets ready to paint some of our craft work We all agreed with Richard Brewer that it was really cold some mornings
Jack Tennison, our first leader, came out to work with us for a couple weeks.  We're sure glad he brought Kathryn with him Eugene Esters, our shop leader, routes the rough edges of a cargo style love seat
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Ken Beazley is cleaning the glue of one of many cargo chairs we built Melvin Warren is sanding a table top getting it ready for installation
Mike Reilly assembles a beautiful little end table Stan Foskett is making short boards from long ones
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Eugene Esters is making a critical cut of a board Doc Wallace is making a final check of a cargo chair prior to its going to the paint shop
Two cargo chairs and a coffee table that we've just finished being used in their motel And who can say we don't use a lot of clamps in our work?
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A few of the clothes items our Womens Ministry sewers made One of our favorite Southern Baptist functions; eating!
Jane Baugh works on children's clothing Ruth Reilly and Elaine Strong discuss how to use the crochet loom
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Sue Brewer works on redoing curtains for one of the cabins Ruth Reilly holds up one of the 30 pairs of slipper socks for overseas
As Charlie Perkins would say, 'Hallelujah', the last of the black curtains is finished.  Nancy Esters rejoices Melvin Williamson, our former leader, shows his church's music minister some of our tools
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Latham Springs beautiful prayer garden. Phil Colquitt, the Latham Springs Baptist Camp director, leads in a Wednesday evening worship service
Guess who this lovely young lady is in her wedding dress? And here's another lovely young lady that's in our group.  Who might she be?
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A view of the women's sewing building taken across one of the Latham Springs lakes And we have to say Sayonara to Latham Springs after seven weeks building furniture at their camp
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