Bombay, India

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JPEG 57KB - This is a "bungalow" using an Indian term and would normally have a doctor or lawyer living in it.  It has two bedrooms upstairs and a kitchen and living room downstairs.  We are using it as a combined office and home.  The smaller bedroom upstairs is outfitted as our company office.  The bungalow is in a compound with a watchman as are most middle and upper class homes in third world countries. JPEG 38KB - This is the living area in our bungalow.  It is not very big by US standards but a large living area for most Indian families.  The furniture is very good quality with velour covering that is very, very hot.   We have cable TV and can get CNN and ESPN Sports Indian style which means lots of cricket and a little NBA basketball and Major League baseball.  We were very surprised to find a Christian TV channel with TBN programming.
JPEG 36KB - This is the wrought-iron staircase to the upper floor.  It is beautiful but impossible to clean, very hard to go up and down, and rough on the bare feet. JPEG 72KB - As you can see, there are a large variety of fruits available in the local markets.  This is one of the nicest ones we have seen.  Mangos are in season now and there are many different varieties of them.  For some reason bananas are almost always sold at a different stall from the other fruits.
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JPEG 56KB - This is a local vegetable stall.  Since many Indians are vegetarians, they have many different types of vegetables to which we are not accustomed. JPEG 65KB - This is a local street scene with several major bookstalls located on the sidewalk.  Many of the authors we know and love are available at very cheap prices.  They are printed in India and can only be legally sold in India.  The quality of the books is extremely poor, but who cares in a paperback when you're only paying a little more than a dollar.
JPEG 45KB - You may not have heard of this restaurant but it is very popular in Mumbai.  However, there is no beef here and therefore no hamburgers; only veggie burgers.  Not even McNuggets are allowed because they have beef byproducts in the oil in which they are cooked. JPEG 49KB - These squatters have built their homes on the railroad right of way, so the government came in and knocked down the parts of the houses on the railroad land.  A few days later, the houses were extended back onto the right of way.
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JPEG 61KB - Most of the items we buy for daily use are purchased from hawker stalls on the streets and sidewalks like these. JPEG 38KB - This is the way Indian women go swimming in the ocean.  They get wet up to the waist in their everyday clothing.  Most of them would not even go to this far, but would sit on the shore and watch the men swimming.  These ladies wanted us to take their picture and we were happy to oblige.
JPEG 30KB - This is what everyone was eating at the beach.  The yellow things are potato cakes.  The fritters have a very spicy meat filling.  The potato cakes are covered with a sauce, or gravy as they call all sauces, of tomato, corn and lime slices. JPEG 54KB - It didn't taste as bad as my face indicates.
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JPEG 53KB - Gayle thought it tasted just great.

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