Transportation in India

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JPEG 50KB - They have to make the ugliest cars in the world here in India. JPEG 41KB - This is a typical minivan.
JPEG 48KB - Range Rover "knockoffs" with mini diesel engines are status symbols. JPEG 49KB - A three wheel truck.
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JPEG 45KB - A three wheel van. JPEG 56KB - Major truck for city use but again with a mini diesel engine.
JPEG 61KB - Typical cross country truck.  The driver sits on a welded frame with minimal padding.  The passenger seat is even less comfortable if it has one. JPEG 54KB - Trucks are brightly painted and decorated.  "Horn OK Please" means I'm asleep at the wheel; wake me up as you go by.
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JPEG 54KB - A typical very heavy duty cart made for one man to pull.  The cart itself may weigh as much as 200 pounds with no load and carry a load of 1,000 pounds and still be pulled by only one man.  Quite often, we see traffic backed up for blocks in downtown with one of these or an ox cart in front of it all. JPEG 49KB - This is one of many old imported English double decker buses in use here in Mumbai
JPEG 48KB - This is the most common and most reliable form of local transportation.  It's an "auto ricksha". JPEG 38KB - The autoricks swarm around you on the streets like a swarm of mosquitos.
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JPEG 46KB - This is a typical taxi (one of two common types) that may be 40 days old or 40 years old.  They haven't been updated since the first one was delivered 40 years ago. JPEG 54KB - Speaking of reliable transportation, he's probably the best we can find.  And he never complains about the hours or hard work.
JPEG 47KB - Horse drawn carts are still a common sight around town. JPEG 49KB - They think nothing of pushing a cart loaded with vegetables or wood or what have you down the middle of the street blocking traffic.
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