Albuquerque BalloonFest 2002

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JPEG 39KB - Preparing for an early morning lift off. JPEG 68KB - Laying out the balloon.
JPEG 53KB - They are starting to fill with air. JPEG 43KB - Lift off in the early morning.
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JPEG 76KB - All the colors of the rainbow. JPEG 65KB -Young girls love this one.
JPEG 46KB - What kind of bug is that? JPEG 40KB -Freda liked the flowered ones.
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JPEG 29KB - Beautiful colors. JPEG 37KB - What a sight!
JPEG 56KB - They are not all just regular balloons. JPEG 60KB - More balloons make their way skyward.
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JPEG 84KB -This colorful character is one of the officials that help get the balloons airborne. JPEG 24KB -We had to have a picture of the Marine Corps bull dog.
JPEG 25KB - Ever see a sitting duck fly?. JPEG 33KB - Freda thought this one was really gorgeous.
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JPEG 30KB - I want a ride. JPEG 32KB - Merry-go-rounds are always a favorite.
JPEG 42KB - Home sweet home. JPEG 30KB - After my Wells Fargo house payment who has money for the piggy bank?
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JPEG 23KB - Pink elephants!  What next? JPEG 25KB - No bull.  They just could not get off the ground due to the wind.
JPEG 60KB - We shall all soar like eagles one day. JPEG 19KB - I'm a Coke fan myself.
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JPEG 25KB - How many birds can you count in this old tree trunk? JPEG 21KB - Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
JPEG 54KB - Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. A pretty yellow balloon from France.
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