Glorieta Fall 2003

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JPEG 145KB - First view of Glorieta. JPEG 90KB - Inside the Glorieta gate.
JPEG 75KB - View of Holcomb across the lake. JPEG 115KB - New Mexico Hall .
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JPEG 113KB - View of the Dining Hall. JPEG 102KB - Autumn view of Holcomb Bell Tower from across the lake.
JPEG 118KB - Another view of Holcomb Tower. JPEG149KB - What a beautiful RV space..
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JPEG 175KB - Some of us like to add a little color to our spots. JPEG 174KB - Autumn in the mountains around Santa Fe New Mexico.
JPEG 103KB - Dorothy and Coy Hearin on a cold windy mountain top. JPEG 98KB - View from the top of the ski lift.
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JPEG 130KB - More mountain scenery. JPEG 100KB -Looking west toward Santa Fe.
JPEG 80KB - We enjoyed watching the birds in our feeders. JPEG 69KB - Humming birds are always a joy to watch.
JPEG 71KB - Once a Marine, always a Marine. JPEG 53KB -The Albuquerque Balloon Fest was breath taking..
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