TBM - 2003

My Fathers House - Lubbock

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JPEG 163KB - Charlie Brown leading the TBM group in morning worship. JPEG 172KB - Jack Tennison leading the Furniture Builders in their daily prayer time.
JPEG 129KB - Jack Tennison cutting one of many bed posts. JPEG 136KB - Eugene Esters checking the finish on a finished bed stand.
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JPEG 143KB - Richard Brewer assembling a bed side stand. JPEG 114KB - Glen Smith made a whole lot of drawers.
JPEG 146KB - Ed Smith, our 93 year old elder statesman. JPEG 123KB - Gayle Berry finishing up on some bed frame pieces.
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JPEG 144KB - Rex Taylor planning some rough lumber. JPEG 148KB - Bob Steele assembling a cabinet.
JPEG 135KB - Nancy Esters sanding a drawer front. JPEG 126KB - Freda Berry also sanding a drawer front.
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JPEG 133KB - Melvin Warren building a child's rocker for the apartments. JPEG 150KB - Jack Tennison assembling one of the rocking chairs.
JPEG 144KB - Charlie Perkins sanding a rocker piece. JPEG 138KB - Forrest Dickerson cleaning up a rocking chair piece.
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JPEG 127KB - Gotta have a break once in a while. JPEG 114KB - View of "Our Fathers House" chapel and office area.
JPEG 110KB - Another view of "Our Fathers House". JPEG 183KB - Interesting internal view of the all metal construction of the buildings.
JPEG 160KB - View down the hall of the apartment area of the complex.
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