TBM - 2005

Alto Frio Baptist Encampment

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JPEG 69KB - Alto Frio Baptist Encampment entrance. JPEG 156KB - The bell rings with joy when another person enters the kingdom.
JPEG 87KB - The morning devotional is an important start of a new day. JPEG 81KB - New furniture-to-be.
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JPEG 72KB - Jack Tennison and Eugene Esters discussing some plans. JPEG 73KB - Jerry Purkaple doing the finish work on a lecturn.
JPEG 101KB - Coy Hearin counting the pedestal bases. JPEG 61KB - Gayle Berry is cleaning up an almost finished door.
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JPEG 67KB - A corner desk unit in work. JPEG 67KB - Where do we go from here?
JPEG 82KB - Scott Butler assembling a desk side unit. JPEG 73KB - If we get enough brains together, we might get it right.
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JPEG 68KB -We built this new sound console for a local church. JPEG 60KB - Corner shelf units ready for installation.
JPEG 58KB - Finished office and bedroom units. JPEG 66KB - And a completed desk.
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JPEG 67KB - Storage units for the camp cafeteria. JPEG 77KB - Break time is a time to relax and get away from the shop.
JPEG 71KB - Richard Brewer just had to check it out to see if it would work. JPEG 72KB - Rex Taylor doing some required maintenance.
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JPEG 83KB - We sometimes assist in other functions around the campgrounds we visit; here we helped install a septic system tank liner. JPEG 28KB - Another beautiful sunset over the campgrounds.
JPEG 89KB - Freda Berry and her new puppy, Sonny. Beggar died just before Christmas. JPEG 177KB - A pretty Methodist Church in a nearby community.
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