TBM - 2005

Baptist Childrens Home, Portales, NM

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JPEG 142KB - The New Mexico Baptist Childrens Home is located in Portales, New Mexico. JPEG 100KB - New Mexico Baptist Childrens Home (NMBCH).
JPEG 114KB - Geraldine Dooley, NMBCH Manager, with two of the children she loves so much. JPEG 190KB - Our ever-present TBM tool trailer.
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JPEG 115KB - Typical RV parking area. JPEG 130KB - NMBCH usually has about 35 children but can accomodate about 50 in an emergency.
JPEG 125KB - The children were presenting their going home for the summer celebration. JPEG 125KB - More of the children's presentation.
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JPEG 113KB - Kathryn Tennison sewing clothes for one of the home's children. JPEG 112KB - Lora Morris joined in the sewing along with most of the other wives.
JPEG 139KB - Neta Dickerson came up from Carlsbad, NM to work with us. JPEG 117KB - A rack of children's clothes that our wives made.
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JPEG 133KB - Our leader, Jack Tennison, assembling one of the many chairs we made for the home. JPEG 114KB - Gayle Berry making small pieces from big pieces.
JPEG 144KB - Forrest Dickerson and Melvin Warren discussing the proper way to start the day. JPEG 121KB - Freda Berry, our finish sander and quality control officer, finishing a table pedestal.
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JPEG 121KB - Richard Brewer sanding a chair getting it ready for painting. JPEG 136KB - Charles Morris sanding one of the chairs (and yes, we do create a lot of dust).
JPEG 103KB - One of the podiums we built for a nearby church. JPEG 137KB - A view across a section of the shop showing some of the tools and equipment we carry in the tool trailer.
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JPEG 114KB - A stack of love seats and chairs ready for delivery to our remotely located paint shop. JPEG 97KB - Finished chairs and tables ready for use.  We didn't build these chairs; they were unfinished when we got them.
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