TBM - 2006

Alto Frio Baptist Encampment Set 24

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Alto Frio Encampment front gate. Our work day starts with a devotional time and work schedule discussion.
Melvin Willaimson, our new Furniture Builder leader, Jack Tennison, our retiring leader, and Eugene Esters, our technical leader. Charlie Perkins and Jim Strong making a crooked board straight.
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Paul Temple sanding a headboard piece. Richard Brewer doing some critical putty work.
Gayle Berry cutting a tenon on a headboard piece. Kathryn and Jack Tennison reading a newspaper article about some of his escapades with the law.
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Christine Williamson installing feet on a table pedestal. A bunch of table pedestals.
Headboards drying after assembly. Bob Baugh drilling mortises in a bed post.
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Faye Smith, our lovely and talented pianist. Linda Murphy and Elaine Strong making girls bracelets.
Nancy Esters and Sue Brewer talking about a quilt they are making. Jane Baugh and Sharon Tipton at the ladies devotion time.
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A group of the ladies during their devotional period. Sharon Tipton practicing her knitting skills.
Sue Brewer working on a banner for the camp's cafeteria. Getting ready for a Wednesday evening prayer service.
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Melvin Williamson discussing the future of the Furniture Builders Ministry. Closing an evening service with "The Family Of God".

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