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Glorieta - 2006 Set 25

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A view across our shop showing some of our stuff in work. Loyd Ervin sanding and assembling a bunch of small crosses for a children's home in Mexico.
Scott Butler working in our sanding shop (fresh air is good for you). Ed Kirkham in his paint shop.
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Ed Kirkham's paint shop.  At least he didn't contaminate the rest of our work area. I caught Richard Brewer in deep thought.
Some of the benches we built for use in restrooms. Richard Brewer is checking the thickness of a board.
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We all enjoyed Jim Strong's smiling face. Christine Williamson displaying two of the crosses we install as braces on the beds.
Gayle Berry was really feeling the cold in our unheated basement workshop this morning. Eugene Esters is trying to figure out how to use all the pieces we cut.
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Bob Baugh and Dan Tipton are working together assembling a bunk bed headboard. Jane Baugh adds color to a pair of jeans.
One of the quilts we put together for New Mexico Disaster Relief's Project Hug. Another quilt for Project Hug sewn up by Doris Butler and Sue Brewer.
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The cafeteria entryway with their new cash register stand and three of the planter/ dividers we build for them. The new cash register stand with the one it replaced.
The operations manager showing off two of the new planter/dividers. Most of the Glorieta 2006 crew including two of the dogs.
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I'm not sure if Gene Mitchell ever found himself.  Looks like he's lost it here. Nancy Esters brought her smiling face over to the shop quite often (and it surely did cheer us up).
We had the opportunity to attend one of the largest ever IMB Missionary Appointment Services in Albuquerque and hear Dr. Jerry Rankin speak about their service to the world. The Parade of Flags along with the entry of all the new missionary appointees was a very moving part of the service.
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And it snows in late April in Glorieta (about 6 inches worth). Sonny liked it in the nice warm RV.  He's not a cold weather dog.
Modern day cattle herding.  the dog even rides. A beautiful back road north of Glorieta on a beautiful day.
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