TBM - 2006

Palacios Set 26

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Most of the TBM Furniture Ministry crew at Texas Baptist Encampment in Palacios, Texas. An overhead view of our shop at the camp.
This dolly has most of the parts to make a couple desks. Doesn't look like much at this point. Melvin Williamson, our leader, rounding off the corners of a table top.
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Eugene Esters, our technical leader, working at his desk which just happens to be one of our three table saws. Bob Baugh, Ed Kirkham, and Jim Strong discussing the next step in completing  a desk.
Ed Kirkham, our very competent painter doing what he does very well. Bob Baugh looking at an almost completed office counter set.
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Two of several podiums we've built for churches. A hutch for use on top of a desk.
Several styles of completed shelves awaiting delivery. Desk pieces before use in a desk assembly.
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One batch of drawer fronts. You can get some idea of the size of this project by the quantity of drawer fronts in this picture. Another indication of the size of this project can be seen by the number of drawer boxes in this picture.
We also built a large number of compartment doors.  There are also three finished desk hutches here in the paint shop. This is a finished hutch.
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More finished upper units along with a mail distribution cabinet. Another style of upper shelf unit.
Four small tables and a lost and found shelf. You ask for it; we'll build it. A completed desk ready for movement.
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A long counter for a reception and signup area. The working side of the reception counter.
An upper storage shelf unit with the adjustable shelves not installed. Several completed storage shelves and work tables.
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God's beautiful sunrise over the waterfront at the Texas Baptist Encampment. Freda Berry and Sonny on a beach at the Aransas Pass Park.
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