Antarctic 2007 Set 27

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This is what we thought we'd see of the Christ of the Andes. This is what we saw.
Rio de Janeiro's Sugar Loaf Mountain. Ipanema Beach: Yes, we saw lots of ladies; all covered.
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Iguazu Falls from the boat. This is most of the falls from the Brazilian side.
More of Iguazu Falls. We are on an observation platform out over the falls.
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More of the falls. A Magellanic Penguin.  They never see ice or snow.  It was 80F the day we were there.
We were able to get quite close to them. This chick already has most of his adult feathers.  Soon he will be able to swim.
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More penguins.  There were 38,000 breeding pairs at this location we were told. Their nickname is the jackass penguin. This male really brayed like one.
The march of the penguins. Sheep, guanco and penguins in the same picture is unusual.  God made some strange animals, didn't He?
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They make their homes in underground burrows. This parent and chick have a prime location. They have a bush for shade and to hide the entrance.  Looks like feeding time.
A monument to sailors in Stanley, Falkland Islands. Our ship as seen by Gayle from the Falklands.
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Thousands of mines still remain on the beaches from the Falkland War between England and Argentina. There are two King Penguins in the group of Magellanic penguins.  Can you find them? Neither could we.
Sea ice in the Antarctic.  Do you know the difference between sea ice and icebergs? Russian Antarctic research station.
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View of the Antarctic Peninsula. Unlike the North Pole, the actual location of the South Pole is on land.  The region is formed from volcanos.
Antarctica is a harsh, stark land that is suprisingly beautiful. Researchers go about their job during the Antarctic summer.
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Even being on the largest tour ship to ever sail in the Antarctic, we got up close and personal with the land on a few turns. Two whales stop for a breath of air.
Seals in the Beagle Channel near Ushuia, Argentina - The End of the World. Cormorants in the Beagle Channel.
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Fairy Penguins in the Antarctic Pensula.  There were hundreds of them. The end of the Pan-American Highway that runs from Nome, Alaska to the tip of Argentina; over 8,000 miles.
The mailbox at the end of the world. It was a rough ferry ride on one tour!
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Cormorants. They fly. Penguins.  They don't.  These are in Chile.
Can you tell who these people are? A Russian cruise ship that went aground near our location.
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Our ship stopped to pick up the crew after the passengers were transferred to another Russian cruise ship. A monument to their pioneers in Montevideo, Uraguay.
Eva Peron's grave in Buenos Aires. In Argentina, trash collection bins are above ground to try to keep the dogs away from the garbage.
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