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Riverbend Set 38

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Riverbend Retreat Center is that-a-way. Our first morning there and what a beautiful morning He gave us.
As always, our work day always starts with our morning devotional time. Nancy Esters and Sue Brewer show Freda Berry what to do next on a quilt.
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Norma Foskett works on one of the lap throws for a nursing home. Elaine Strong cuts pieces for one of the quilts.
Nancy Esters takes a moment to admire the view and some of the quilts we made for Hannah House. Sue Brewer works on our Hugs and Kisses.
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Kathy Qualls works on a baby quilt while Sally keeps watch. Freda Berry works on clothes for an orphanage in Africa.
 Yah!  Freda Berry actually finished her quilt, but not without lots of help.  Nancy Esters and the others gave lots of encouragement . Rita Frantzen and Carolyn Adcock display the quilt Rita made.
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Barbara Cheatham, Carolyn Adcock and Nancy Esters ponder what to do next. We hope this lap throw will remind one of the residents of the nursing home that God made the beautiful birds.
Harold Cheatheam sands a safety rail getting it ready for painting. Gayle Berry ponders what to do next.
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Smitty Qualls and Richard Brewer assemble a bunk bed. Richard Adcock has all the pieces for assembling a bunk bed safety rail.
Setting up tools before starting work keeps Eugene Esters quite busy. Charles Bingaman completes the assembly of a headboard by putting on its temporary feet.
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Our elder statesman, Melvin Warren, does the finish sanding on a bedrail. It seems we never quit moving things around.  Scott Butler is getting ready to take a bunkbed headboard out of the clamps.
Jim Strong has become our very well qualified designated painter. Stan Foskett stays very busy; in this case, he's routing safety rail pieces.
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Smitty Qualls and Eugene Esters are making a big board out of small boards (drop offs) to save the camp some money. A finished bunk bed and yes, it is narrower than we normally make.
This is one of four armoires we built at Riverbend to complete our last project at Latham Springs earlier this year. We really appreciated Charles Bingaman's musical ability and his willingness to lead our services.
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Alton Balew, Riverbend camp director, gave us a talk on the directions the camp is moving. We had many beautiful evenings to sit around the camp ground and enjoy the friendships our group has developed.
Sonny Berry enjoys strolling in the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush flowers near our RV parking area. More of the beautiful flowers.
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One of the things we'll miss about the Riverbend Camp is the many rocking chairs scattered around the camp. What a beautiful sunset we had for our last evening at Riverbend.
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