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Disaster Relief Set 39

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A trailer load of Cambros provided by the Southern Baptists of Texas (SBTC) Disaster Relief organization that were staged at a church in Del Rio for use in the Monterrey, Mexico disaster relief effort. Mildred Fuller is teaching a yound couple about the intricacies of setting up the cooking units.
The Director of Missions from across the river in Mexico. Jerry Bishop is practicing stiring the pot.
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The half loaded trailer of cooking items that was provided for the Director of Missions to take back to Mexico for use there. Jim Fuller was talking about activities that were to take place during the relief effort in Mexico.
The East Texas laundry and shower unit we used at the storefront church that provided housing for us at Laredo, Texas. By the time we were set up in the Rio Bravo area south of Laredo, the Rio Grande was down about ten feet.
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One of the Southern Baptist of Texas (SBTC) vehicles. One of the 54 houses cleaned and sanitized by the SBTC DR teams.
An SBTC DR trailer parked at one of the flooded houses. Another flooded house that was cleaned and ready for rehab work.
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The Red Cross director along with one of our hard workers. Squeegeeing and high pressure spraying was required in all the flooded houses.
A view from the river side of some of the flooded houses in our second project site in north Laredo. Another view from the same place down the Rio Grande.
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Chuy Avila, the Laredo area Director of Missions, speaking to the assembled group on a Wednesday evening. The pastor of the young storefront Baptist Church that graciously supported us during the relief effort, IE. a place to sleep and food to nourish us.
The hard working mud-out crews required a lot of food, much of it provided by the small Baptist Church where we stayed. Another picture of the Laredo area DOM (Director of Missions).
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The East Texas couple that supported the Laundry/Shower Unit. One of the mud-out teams.
Another of the mud-out teams. And another of the mud-out teams.
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And even another of the hard working mud-out teams. Wayne Rackley kept churning out the required paper work during the second week of the operation.
A shot across the Rio Grande of Mexico.  The river had been up over the brush I was standing near. A shot up the street that ended at the river.  The water had been up into the third and fourth houses up this street.
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Piles of household furnishings and other goods that were ruined and dumped on the street for pickup. A nearly completed house.  The sheetrock has been removed to just above the high water mark of the flood.  The entire house was subsequently sprayed with a sanitizing agent to remove all traces of mold.
Jerry Bishop is removing the sheetrock below the high water mark from the flood. With an ambient temperature in the mid-nineties and the humidity near that, everybody deserved a refreshing break.
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Another mattress bites the dust. Another of our mud-out trailers parked at another house for restoration.
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