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Glorieta Set 40

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We've again returned to Glorieta for another time of serving God. As always, our work day begins with a short devotion time.
Lynn Turner sands one of many parts for a bunk bed safety rail. Gayle Berry is cutting one of those safety rail parts.
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Mike Reilly is drilling a square hole. We cut many tenons for the bunk bed ends.  Richard Adcock is doing his part by making one of the many parts for a tenon.
We use scrap pieces of wood to make several small items for the camps to use as givaways.  Stan Foskett is assembling small crosses. Much sanding is required prior to painting the items we make.  Coy Hearin uses a palm sander on this headboard piece.
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Leon Koenig uses a router to roundover the edges of a bunkbed headboard piece prior to assembly. Richard Brewer is adding a cross to one of the bunk bed safety rails.
While Harold Cheatheam labors away, Eugene Esters discusses door hinges with John Hoogendoorn, the Glorieta Facilities Manager. Basil Murphy and Scott Butler are starting to assembly a bunkbed headboard.
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Buddy Nafe, our Furniture Building Ministry leader, stays busy in the paint shop. Ruth Reilly and Carol Temple work on the puzzle quilt.
Norma Foskett was our quilter on the lap throws and baby quilts. We were glad to have Peggy Steele with us this job.
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Carolyn Adcock presses bindings for a quilt. Ann Koenig and Kathryn Tennison cut strips for quilts.
Freda Berry wonders ,'Why on earth did I pick this pattern?' Sue Brewer works on a large table cloth for the conference room at Glorieta.
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Ruth Reilly lays out some of the quilts for display. Doris Butler threads her needle to continue tieing her quilt.
Peggy Steels' neighbor shows off her finished quilt. Sue Brewer shows a 'Hugs and Kisses' quilt to a friend.
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We can all have a little fun.  Nancy Esters and Kathryn Tennison's sister really enjoyed themselves. Joyce Smith was thrilled with the lap throw made for her by the group.  The we made for her quilts will be going to help in her deaf ministry with Native Americans.
Ann Koenig, a new member of the group, was so very helpful.  She sorted all our material and cut hundreds of squares for future quilts. We're so glad to be part of 'The Family of God' and part of TBM Furniture Building Ministry.
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Our former leader, Jack Tennison and his wife, Kathryn, along with her sister, came out to work with us for a while. Breaks are an important part of our work day.
Our Furniture Building Ministry sometimes finds other avenues to help out in the communities we visit.  A wheelchair ramp was built for a lady living near the Glorieta facility. Our wives sewing ministry made a quilt for the very appreciative lady.
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Melvin Warren, our most senior citizen, and his wife, Mabel, came out to work with us but health problems forced them to leave early.  Jim McAtee, the volunteer coordinator, led in prayer for them to have a safe journey home. And another beautiful sunset saw us off after a good period of work supporting God's kingdom.
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