TBM - 2011

Circle 6 / FBC Midland 41

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We started up at Circle 6 building items for the First Baptist Church of Midland as well as the camp. We passed the small camp chapel each day on the way to and from our shop.
As always, our work day begins with a short devotion time. Jim Strong is staining one of the FBC Midlands items.
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Larry Frantzen is clamping up a drawer front for a file cabinet. Harold Cheatheam is assembling a cabinet.
We had to make a lot of short boards out of longer ones.  Here, Richard Adcock is doing just that. Gayle Berry is trying to figure out how to get the most small pieces out of a big piece of plywood.
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There is always a lot of sanding to be done.  Richard Brewer, our senior statesman, is sanding a shelf for a cabinet. Glen Smith makes drawer boxes as well as anyone.
Jim Hansen, the maintenance manager of FBC, Midland, came out many times to view our work for the church.  He even leant a hand quite often. Moving day; one of several.
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Eugene Esters, our most competent shop leader, shows Charles Oates how to assemble a dust cover for a desk. Buddy Nafe, our Furniture Building Ministry leader, stays busy in the paint shop.
A storage cabinet for a hallway at FBC, Midland. A two piece sound console cabinet for FBC, Midland.
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A small round table for the pastor's study. We'd never get thru a day's work without the morning and afternoon breaks provided by our wives.
First Baptist Church of Midland, Texas. The Reverend Doctor Randel Everett, pastor of FBC, Midland.
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'Miss Mary' Bridges, Office Director, and 'Wild Bill' Bridges, Camp Manager of Circle 6 Baptist Encampment Caroline Adcock shows off her table runner.
Freda Berry is literally pulling her hair trying to quilt. How do these quilt blocks look or should I change them?
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Nancy Esters enjoys a good joke. Donna Oates works on beaded necklaces for the camp.
Barbara Cheatheam ties a quilt for Hanna House. Leila Purkaple and Sue Brewer talk over old times on other jobs.
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Patsy Nafe displays one of the quilts she made. Rita Frantzen shows us the quilt she made for one of the soon-to-be expected arrivals at the camp.  Mom loved it.
We enjoyed seeing new species of birds at the bird bath.  At least they were new to those not from west Texas. Group picture for Circle 6 Camp
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We're good Baptists.  We can always find a reason to eat (or no reason but we can still eat). And another beautiful sunset saw us off after a good period of work supporting God's kingdom in west Texas.
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