TBM - 2011

Zephyr Set 44

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TBM Furniture Building Ministry started at Zephyr Baptist Encampment near Sandia, Texas on 19 September 2011. We had a beautiful sunrise at Zephyr Baptist Camp to start up our work there.
The women set up there sewing room in the camp infirmary. Freda Berry is at her work station making a quilt.
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Peggy Steele works on clothes for a children's home. Rita Frantzen and Doris Butler discuss one of the quilts.
Another quilt ready for binding.  'Now, which of these can we use for backing on the next one' ponder Rita and Carolyn. Patsy Nafe holds up her latest child's T-shirt.
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Elaine Strong shows off her work of art.  Way to go girl! Barbara Cheatheam gets the hats and stockings ready for the River Ministry .
We hope this helps Sue Brewer remember all the TBM Ladies she has worked with over the years.  We miss you,Sue! As always, our work day starts with a short devotion, led this day by Stan Foskett.
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Scott Butler does finish sanding on a small desktop. We usually drill a lot of square holes.  Stan Foskett is punching one of many here at Zephyr.
Paul Temple, our East Coaster (from North Carolina), is sanding a night stand top prior to installation. Jack Tennison, our retired leader, is planing a board for the beautiful Mesquite table he helped build for the camp.
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A shot of the Prayer Garden and Lake Corpus Christi. The people staying in the camp's motel loved sitting on the patio with the view out across Lake Corpus Christi.
We built a batch of writing tables for the camp's motel units. Finished night stands for the motel rooms.
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A finished and installed writing desk - and a night stand in one of the motel rooms.
A view of a finished room with the newly built headboards and night stand. Most of Zephyr's full time staff gathered around their new conference table.
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This is a good view of the top of their new mesquite conference table. We built a double set of corner desks for this office.  A similar mirror image section was to the right.
Several years ago, we built the furniture for the main office and reception area.  It was good to see it in use and in excellent condition. A South Texas Children's Home staff member pointing out their logo painted on a large rock.
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A group of our people had a tour of the South Texas Children's Home at Beeville. Eugene Esters and Jack Tennison had a good day at sea with our group; not many fish but lots of fun and sunshine.
Freda Berry got to take a break from sewing and visit Padre Island. An ocean view from North Padre Island.  It's a beautiful place in God's beautiful world.
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The TBM Furniture Ministry group got together for a group photo overlooking Lake Corpus Christi. And the sun again sets over Camp Zephyr completing another TBM Furniture Ministry project.
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