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Riverbend Set 45

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The 9th of September 2013 found the TBM Furniture Builders at the Riverbend Baptist Camp near Glen Rose, Texas.
This is the amphitheater overlooking the Brazos River.
We have a worship service on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.  The music was led by Donna Oates most times. Carol Temple labors away on her sewing machine working on a quilt.
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Kathy Qualls is laying out quilt pieces to get the best looking pattern. It helps to know what you are doing and Barbara Cheatheam always seems to make the right cut.
Freda Berry and Elaine Strong are making a last check on a quilt top before putting the top and bottom together.. Nancy Esters is a wonderful sewing and quilting instructor.
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When beautiful furniture is built, there is always a starting point and this is what we started with to make 60 bunk beds. And this is the finished product built to last many years at the Riverbend Baptist Camp.
Every work day starts with prayer for our friends, families, camp personnel and guests and especially our safety. Eugene Esters and Gayle Berry discussing work over a bed post.
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Harold Cheatheam and Jim Strong are putting together a glueup of a stack of boards to be used for bed posts. Basil Murphy is making square holes in a bed post and really enjoys his work for the camp.
Gayle Berry is making a smaller board out of a bigger one on one of our table saws. Jerry Mallett is sweating away on a very hot day as he drills holes in a bed post.
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A very important job is staying ahead of our waste material.  Charles Oates is cutting up scrap material for use in a bon fire and weenie roast. Our newest worker, Harold Hilley, is rounding off a bunch of our square edges with a router.
The equipment we use always needs maintenance; here, Smitty Qualls is dumping a sander filter bag before going back to work using the sander in an important aspect of our work. We always enjoy having the wives work with us.  Sharon Murphy is assembling side boards in this picture.
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We always enjoy having the wives work with us.  Nancy Esters is sanding a cleat for use in the side board assembly process. Guy Scott is sanding a cleat to use on an end rail.
Paul Temple is rounding off the edges of a side rail. Harold Cheatheam and Guy Scott are preparing a stack of boards to glue together to make bed posts.
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This is a shot across the shop showing a busy bunch of men working in an area provided us by the Riverbend Baptist Camp. Gary Bishop and Andy Hall, part of the Riverbend Baptist Camp maintenance team, are assembling one of their 60 new bunk beds.
Another job is completed and we get to see another part of God's handiwork in the sky as we depart Riverbend Baptist Camp for home.
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